Tracking the outcomes

A quality program
  • Eligibility criteria

    • The child is aged between 0 and 17, and lives on the MRC of Memphremagog territory
    • The child and their family need consistency in the services put in place because of the complexity of their ecobiodevelopmental framework
    • The child has a physical and/or psychological health problem related to psychosocial disorders (example: development disorders, autism, growth delay, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, attention deficit, hyperactivity, communications problems, etc.)
    • The family income is considered to be low
    • Psychosocial vulnerability factors are present
  • A) Access to services

    1- Via proximity
    The child and their family can contact the CSPC voluntarily by phone or by visiting the centre directly.

    2- Via screening thanks to the 3 flagship activities

    1. Prep Camp for the first school transition at Stanstead schools (Sunnyside and Jardins-des-Frontières): Kindergarten 4+5 years old.
    2. Language stimulation workshops are offered to children aged 2-5 living on the MRC of Memphremagog who present speech difficulties. The parent-child interactive workshops last 7 sessions at the 2 service points..
    3. Occasional activities at Villa Pierrot.

    3- Via referral
    Referral processes are intended to be simple, user-friendly and to respect confidentiality. The referents can call the centre directly or can accompany the families. The referral may come from a member of the community (friends, extended family, neighbour), public institutions (schools, CLSC, Youth Protection Centre), community organizations, doctors from medical clinics, private organizations, Early Childhood Network.

  • B) Assessment-Guidance

    1. The service request has been accepted.
    2. The child, their parents, the doctor, the psychosocial worker and the partners (if necessary) meet.
    3. A coordinated action plan specifies the orientations and the services to be prioritized.
  • C) Follow-up support

    • Special education
    • Psychoeducation
    • Social work
    • Medical care
    • Occupational therapy
    • Art therapy
    • Zootherapy
    • Clinical group scheduling for age groups 0-5, 6-12 and 13-17
    • Motivation
    • Sensitization
    • Encouragement
    • Rehabilitation
    • Therapy
    • Mutual aid
    • Experimentation
    • Tutoring
    • 1 out of 2

      51% of English-speaking children living in the MRC of Memphremagog are vulnerable in at least one area of overall child development, compared to 24.8% among French-speaking children. (Report from Enquête Québécoise sur le développement des enfants à la maternelle, 2012)

    • 600

      … more words known by a 3 year-old child from a privileged background as opposed to a child from an unprivileged background.

    • 3 years-old

      … is the age where specialists already observe the damaging effects of toxic stresses and morbidity on the morphology of the brain, which appears much smaller.

    • 5 schools

      In the MRC of Memphremagog:
      2 elementary schools in Magog
      2 elementary schools in Stanstead
      1 elementary school in Eastman
      Appear on the list of schools SIAA (Stratégie d’Intervention Agir Autrement) because their index of social-economic environment is higher than 8/10.