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  • I want to thank all of you for allowing this “Open House” food drive activity on December 14th to be a success. Our families spent their morning at Le Tandem Magog or Stanstead. They were welcomed with warmth, enthusiasm, gentleness and brotherliness by our volunteers and our staff. New families were also here to test the grounds and inquire about our services.

    Anne-Marie Fournelle, General Manager

    The Detectives Group not only helped kids develop writing strategies, it also helped them carry out an investigation in order to solve an enigma! The workshop took place over six 90 minute sessions in November and December. Different settings were offered to work on posture, motor skills, and pencil grip. The goal: to make writing easier and more fun!

  • The Help with Homework 2019 fall session is about to come to an end. During this session, from Monday to Thursday, over 30 volunteers assisted the 45 children who were registered. The chosen formula is coaching, as each student is paired with an adult. Children have the opportunity to grow a sense of belonging to the living environment we offer them, while increasing their persistence and academic success. The workshop is taking a short break for the Holidays, but will resume on Monday January 13th, 2020.

    A huge thanks to our volunteers.

    In this month of December, professions, passions and interests are still going for the Stars Group. During this second experiential learning workshop of the program, the kids met with chef Jean-Marie Pierrat. With 55 years of experience under his belt, Chef Pierrat voluntarily helped the kids through this workshop, which was really popular amongst them. Thank you Mr. Pierrat.

    On November 27th, the Creation Operation Group presented a few short plays on children’s rights. The first sub-group chose “The right to leisure”. The latter’s content also featured “The right to express one’s opinion and likings”. The second sub-group chose “The right to be with one’s family”. A reminder that the results sought out by the 2 project leaders are not only to make young people aware of children’s rights, but also to help them progress with their cooperation and assertiveness skills.
    We would like to congratulate them on their amazing work on collaboration and creation!
    During the month of November, the Stars Group took part in 3 jiu-jitsu classes. Le Tandem’s goal with this group is to stimulate passions and interests, as well as boost self-confidence. Note that jiu-jitsu also promotes strength, stamina, flexibility and motor coordination development. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, all that while learning to defend oneself.
    Thank you to Steven Maclure, instructor at Club Magog Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for graciously providing his services for this activity.


  • On Saturday November 23rd at 1:30 p.m., Le Tandem will be offering a free conference entitled: “Learning how to read and write even in high school” at the Memphremagog Library.
    Here is a brief description of the conference: “In high school, children in distress usually doubt they will get better, so they get discouraged and they quit school. Johanne Bédard is a speech therapist who works with those kids and she’s convinced that there is hope more than ever these days, with alternative technology”.
  • At the end of October, Le Tandem added an unforgettable and creative touch of fun to the Halloween Party by putting the photo booth concept to good use.

  • To our team, It is with great pride, and a feeling of being at the top of our game while carrying an honourable mission, that we received the Omer Prize on behalf of all of you!
    Each and everyone of you is a link on a chain of kindness, a quiet strength, an endless source of happiness-security-protection for our kids! I’m so proud of your daily work efforts and your presence.
    Thank you to Anne-Marie for being such a beautiful person and an agile organizer! It’s a pleasure to spend time with you!
    Audrey Pierrat, President, Board of Directors
    It is with pride and honour that we bring back to Le Tandem an exceptional prize from the Omer Gala, a gala organized by the Magog Chamber of Commerce.
    Le Tandem was unanimously designated by the judges as the favourite company out of the 52 finalists.
    This tribute belongs to the families who trust us, to the employees who work with competence, to the volunteers who welcome our children with kindness, to the interns who radiate enthusiasm, to the donors who support our mission, to the community who moves us forward, to the partners who collaborate, to the members of the Board of Directors who oversee quality and sustainability. To all of you, I say thank you! 
    Anne-Marie Fournelle, General Manager


    The first workshop for our Operation Creation Group, which includes 7 kids, took place last week with our psycheducator. Along with the group, she writes skits on children’s rights, and co-hosts with our law intern. Their goals intend to bring awareness to the kids on children’s rights and to help them expand their cooperation and assertiveness skills.

    This week, on Wednesday October 9th, 2 hosts from Le Petit Théâtre de Sherbrooke organization joined the group for a “Theatrical Play” workshop. Here are the pictures from this week’s workshop.


  • Le Tandem is undertaking a second year of partnership with the Memphremagog Library. In fact, students who are part of the Help with Homework program will go to the library everyday of the week, with the interns and the volunteers who will follow them closely in their academics. In the following pictures, we can see a group of volunteers participating in a training workshop at the library’s computer lab.

  • Members of the Help with Homework program team from Le Tandem got together on September 18th in order to plan the fall semester, which will begin on October 7th. The Specialized Education intern Pénélope Poirier, explains a program feature to the volunteers.

  • Thanks to Pierre Piché’s Motorcycle Parade on June 23rd, we were able to offer all our children and their parents an unforgettable day at the Granby Zoo. We congratulate these children and parents who, during the summer, continue to get involved in their changing process. We are lucky to team up with you! Congratulations! 

    Le Tandem team: the social worker, the psychoeducator, the occupational therapist, the speech therapist and a future intern are hosting a camp for kids aged 4 and 5 at the Jardins-des-Frontières and Sunnyside Schools. This week-long camp takes place in August and helps the child get to know their environment. It allows them to make a gentle transition into the world of a preschooler and to put them in contact with friends and school personnel. Games, laughter and learning carry the child toward their learning path!

  • During the month of August, Le Tandem team offered a workshop to support the overall development of the child while the parent attended a group meeting with the psychoeducator. Through playing, we mainly worked on the recognition of emotions and the children’s ability to follow a routine.

  • In this month of July 2019, the speech therapist, the occupational therapist and 2 volunteers working at Le Tandem brought together children to stimulate their motor and language skills through play and fun!

  • During summertime at Le Tandem, we take advantage of the beautiful weather to host zootherapy sessions outside as a group. The kids get to know their emotions and work on their skills to relate calmly with others, through their interactions, with carefully selected and trained dogs.

  • On June 23rd, a parade of 12 motorcyclists left Le Tandem after collecting $2390 for our kids’ activities!

    Thank you and have a safe ride. The beginning of an annual meeting!

  • An art therapy workshop comprises 5 monthly half-days and aims to support the interrelationships of a weekly psychoeducation group.

    Within the one that ended on June 6th, the boys were able to develop cooperation in an admirable collective work. Well done!

  • On May 30th, a beautiful event was organized to highlight our volunteers’ exceptional contribution in their many direct (1710 hours) and indirect (300 hours) involvement with children.

    A warm thank you goes to all of them for allowing us to collectively “Put the child at the heart of our actions”.

    On May 29th and 30th, to end the last Help with Homework session in a special way, Le Tandem, with the collaboration of the Memphremagog Library, organized a “Book Hunt” to allow students to get to know the library’s youth section better.

    Mission accomplished!