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  • Magog, February 25th, 2022

    Le Tandem Community Social Pediatrics Centre is very honoured to have been chosen by the Croquarium organization to set in motion the following pilot project:

    «Young Entrepreneurs Garden»

  • Le Tandem aimed to offer a complete gardening immersion, from the land to the markets, for one summer, for 15 teenagers attending its centre. This project allowed the development of a gardening plan until the harvest and the sale of products at the region’s public markets. The young people will be accompanied in all stages of production and food processing in addition to discovering new aspects of the agri-food business. Through workshops, farm visits and meetings with people in the industry, they became aware of the importance of eating healthy and local while developing their food autonomy, their entrepreneurial spirit and their sense of belonging to their community.

  • Le Tandem’s mission is to support children who are living in vulnerable circumstances, in order to give them the help they need to better their health and to reach their full potential. This YEG project is very mobilizing and puts young people at the heart of the action and at the heart of change.

    The centre wishes to increase its proposal of long-lasting strategic projects. Consequently, this gardening project is an additional tool that will help the children in their social, entrepreneurial and environmental development. In short, our main priority remains the overall development and fulfillment of the children, no matter what shape or size the gardening project takes.

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