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  • We celebrated with our children and our families, in a simple manner, around the theme “Let’s Create Bonds Together”. We gathered around a campfire, had hot chocolate, shared laughs and wrote down our wishes for the next year. In short, it was a beautiful, friendly and comforting meeting.
  • An interview conducted by Éric Gérard Langlois on November 25th, 2021 on Cogeco’s NousTV program, where Anne-Marie Fournelle, General Manager of Le Tandem, highlights the Sentiers des Droits de l’Enfant on November 20th, 2021 at 9:45am at the Marais de la Rivière aux Cerises.
  • Le Tandem and the Society for a World Fit for Children are pleased to cordially invite you to the inauguration of the Children’s Rights Trail on November 20, 2021, at 9:45 a.m. at the Marais de la Rivière aux Cerises.

  • You are invited to come walk with us at the new trail, the Sentier des Droits de l’Enfant at the Marais de la Rivière aux Cerises, on Saturday November 20th, 2021 starting at 9:45am, as part of World’s Children Day which honours Children’s Rights. It’s a great opportunity for a nice family walk, plus drinks and snacks will be served. Come and join us!
  • Le Tandem is celebrating its 4th anniversary! Thanks to the combined efforts of many people and valuable collaborators, we had a wonderful day on October 2nd, around the theme “Growing Up Healthy”. 20 families from Magog and Stanstead, including 35 children, stopped by to exercise as a family and to participate in age group adapted activities, related to living a healthy lifestyle.

    Jade Desrosiers, Clinical Nurse

  • On Thursday September 23rd, the first group from the Hope Workshop had the chance to share a meal offered by St-Hubert. The group was meeting after one year of personal and collective investments. Thank you to the sponsor for its generosity and for supporting the activities offered at CSPC Magog!

  • October is Occupational Therapy Month! Here are 3 videos produced by our University of Sherbrooke medical interns that will allow you to stay active with your kids at home.

  • The Apprentice-Geniuses Group, including 4th to 6th graders, spent some time at Le Tandem 3 times a week to counter the summer learning slide, to have fun and to play while continuing to learn, read and count. Financial assistance was thankfully made possible via the PREE project, paid by the Government of Quebec. Several activities were offered to the kids, including a Rally at the Library. The Club des Débrouillards came to visit twice and the Oeil de Chat-Café Manga stopped by once. It’s awesome!
  • The Club Optimiste Magog-Orford allowed the Apprentice-Geniuses to counter the summer learning slide by purchasing 12 tablets for the kids so they can enjoy reading and writing. Thank you so much! These tablets will soon be useful for homework. Look how focused they are!
  • Magog’s D-Vert Studio generously welcomed our young Apprentice-Geniuses to learn about rock climbing. A wonderful professional team, who knows how to adapt its training for the kids. They loved it and want to go back! It really helped them to focus, to reflect, to surpass themselves and to build self-confidence. What an amazing experience! Thank you.
  • The kids at the school preparation camp for first transition (kindergarten 4 and 5) received their diploma and a stuffed toy, from MRC Memphremagog, representing the monster of the Memphremagog Lake.
  • Twelve children, of kindergarten 4 and 5, from Sunnyside, attended their preparation camp. Yay! They are ready to start school! So much fun!
  • Thank you so much Marché Tradition Labonté, for giving healthy food to feed the kids with snacks throughout the camp. Children of kidergarten 4 and 5 prepared the traditional snack (fruit salad) for their families and the partners involved in youth. Surprise! Partner Steve, from SQ (Sûreté du Québec) made cotton candy for the kids. A hit!
  • Twelve children, of kindergarten 4 & 5 from Jardins des Frontières took part in the Prep Camp to ease their first transition into school. Mission accomplished! They are ready to have a wonderful school year. Thank you to Marché Tradition Labonté of Stanstead for generously donating healthy snacks for the kids, as well as a special treat for the Camp closing ceremony.
  • At Le Tandem, we are excited to meet the children and their parents for the first school transition preparation camp that will take place from August 16th to August 23rd at Jardin des Frontières school! We bought children’s books! Each day, the child will leave the camp with a book to read with their parents at home. Thanks to Claudia Moreau, from Miss Ecolo who made the bags to carry these precious books! This is made possible thanks to financial assistance from the Government of Quebec, through the Projet PRÉE.
  • At Le Tandem, we are enthusiastic to meet the children and their parents for the one week preparation camp for pre-K and kindergarten kids at Sunnyside, from August 23rd until August 30th. Thanks to Claudia Moreau, from Miss Écolo boutique, who made those beautiful bags for children to carry everyday, a book to read at home with their parents. This is possible with a financial help from the Government of Quebec, through Projet PRÉE.

    For 7 weeks, kids participating in the Stars Workshop were able to experience various activities such as: cooking, scientific experiments, visit a farm, sailing, dancing, yoga and hike the trails at the Marais de la Rivière aux Cerises. We ended the school year in style! A special thank you to the Club de Voile Memphrémagog, the Marais de la Rivière aux cerises, Imani Drouin from Move and Andréanne Tremblay from Namazé Yoga Studio! It’s thanks to fabulous partners like them that children can experience all these wonderful activities! Happy Summer! 

    Catherine Goudreau, Specialized Educator

    The Sentinels Project got off to a good start with 6 youngsters aged 12-13. We are getting ready to go to high school, while talking about bees and children’s rights. Follow our project all summer! Thanks to Apiculteur Miellé and Éditions la Pastèque for your contributions to the project.

    Maryse Perron, Psychoeducation Intern at Le Tandem

    On Saturday June 5th, 70 families benefited from the “Family Creation Basket” project. They had the chance to live a wonderful moment together while watching explanatory videos on our Facebook page. We would like to thank our medical interns from the University of Sherbrooke for their involvement in preparing the baskets, which included 2 healthy recipes.

    Jade Desrosiers, Clinical Nurse

  • It is at the end of an incredible treasure hunt to defeat Donkey Kong that the Explorers Workshop has come to an end! During 8 weeks, 8 Tandem kids traveled the world to develop and work on their social skills in order to maintain positive and rewarding interpersonal relationships! We were able to loop the loop with this wonderful group in a great way: face-to-face rather than virtual. What a joy to see their pride when they obtained their badge! See you next time, Explorers! Thanks to Alisen, Lili-Anne and Alissa for your participation.
    Catherine Goudreau, Specialized Educator

    Thanks to a generous donation from the Club Optimiste Magog-Orford, 27 youngsters were able to spend a fantastic day at the Bergerie en Herbe in Martinville. The day was filled with various activities organized by the on-site instructors, including: nature trail, tractor ride, hay maze and a Tarzan rope. The kids had no shortage of entertainment! They were even able to pet many animals (rabbits, sheep, chicks) and see some of them up close (llama, goose, pigs). Congratulations to Le Tandem pros Catherine Goudreau, Jade Desrosiers and Pamela Caporicci for helping to organize this beautiful activity.

  • On May 16th, in honour of International Family Day, several of our youngsters, along with their families, took part in 4 workshops, themed “Growing Up Healthy”. These workshop stations were produced and animated by our 6 medical interns, as well as singer-songwriter Ariane Deslions.

    Jade Desrosiers, Project Coordinator and Clinical Nurse at CSPC Le Tandem

  • The art therapist, the psychoeducator, the specialized educator and the social worker have set up the Hope Group at Le Tandem to help children and their parents overcome the difficult challenges of life. Here is a video that will convince you why we should keep the Hope Group alive at Le Tandem.
  • A little while ago, we asked for your financial involvement for the creation of 2 videos on dealing with complex trauma. Since then, one of the 4 project managers, Isabelle Favreau, was invited on Éric Gérard Langlois’ program on NousTV to present the project. Fantastic and precise interview, Isabelle! Well done!

  • A few weeks ago, the Amis de la Bibliothèque Memphrémagog graciously offered us dictionaries, reading books and board games! These will be useful and much appreciated at Le Tandem, whether for the Help with Homework project, for language stimulation workshops, or just for the happiness of children who like to read! Thank you to the Amis de la Bibliothèque, friends for life!

    On April 14th, Le Tandem was home to a show presented by 5 of our youngsters. The project, which was part of the FER (Famille Enfant Réseau), aimed to raise awareness of the children’s fundamental rights and their responsibilities. The show featured 3 parts: a skit performed by 2 of the youngsters about the importance of privacy; a song written and performed by 2 more, highlighting the injuries bullying can cause, and finally, an oral presentation addressed the existence of racism. These performances were greatly appreciated by about 30 guests who were invited to the event. Well done!

    You can access the song lyrics and the skit by clicking on the following links:

    Last month, the Healthy Lifestyle Group allowed Le Tandem children to do various and fun activities. The youngsters became chefs for one day, prepared a healthy recipe, and learned about healthy eating habits. It also allowed them to exercise, so that they could move together and discover the benefits it brings to their body. They also took part in an arts and crafts workshop, where they designed their sleep routine and understood the impact of screen time.

    These lovely activities were put together and led by our Le Tandem nurse and social work intern.

    The Stars Group allows Le Tandem kids to participate in various and fun activities! On March 5th and 12th, the kids became scientists for a short while, and Le Tandem was their laboratory!
    They were able to undergo many experiments, from bleaching, to racing ping-pong balls, to making a lava lamp! The kids brought home their Scientist Guide, so they can reproduce all their experiments at home! The Stars Group’s final activity will take place on March 19th, so stay tuned!

    Catherine Goudreau, Specialized Educator and Frédérik Marquis, Occupational Therapist at Le Tandem, with the participation of 4 psychoeducation interns.

  • On February 12th and 26th, the Stars Group had the chance to participate in 2 arts and crafts activities. The confection of homemade bath bombs, as well as handmade soaps, which helped them stimulate their multiple intellectual aspects, including linguistic, visual, mathematical and naturalistic. It was a real pleasure to make these personalized products! It is thanks to a generous contribution from Sherbrooke’s L’Écolo Boutique that these wonderful activities were able to take place! Thanks to Edith from L’Écolo Boutique for her precious collaboration! The children were delighted!
  • The Club Optimiste Magog-Orford Inc. has become a proud partner of CSPC Le Tandem to support children in reaching their full potential. Thanks to the Club’s contacts’ network, one of our youngsters was able to pursue her dream in the real TV world, with the dynamic Cogeco NousTV team. She can thus grow her passions and believe in her abilities. Thank you all for this extraordinary collaboration!
  • A little while ago, we asked for your financial involvement for the creation of 2 videos on dealing with complex trauma. Since then, one of the 4 project managers, Isabelle Favreau, was invited on Éric Gérard Langlois’ program on NousTV to present the project. Fantastic and precise interview, Isabelle! Well done!

  • The Between Parents Group welcomes Le Tandem parents who would like to discuss with other parents to find solutions and learn positive parenting strategies, every Thursday from 1:30pm to 3pm. To have a better idea of this activity, click on the following link:

    Stéphanie Pelletier, Psychoeducator
  • It was with an Escape Room activity that the Explorers Group came to an end! A virtual escape room where children had to solve puzzles to free our superheroes from the claws of a villain! The final Explorers activity took place on the Teams platform, thus making it possible to wrap up this wonderful group in which kids were able to develop and practice their social skills! We didn’t let the pandemic get in the way when it came to supporting our young people!

    Catherine Goudreau, Specialized Educator

  • On January 28th, a pop-up animated book was presented, which allows parents to help their child to better understand the wonderful world of emotions. The child will be interested in looking at and manipulating the three-dimensional aspect of the book. In other words, parents and children can use a “colourful language” of emotions.